1. Which one of the Alwaysfresh systems has a 1.5 gpm flow rate? 
2. What is the rated gallon capacity of the HF-1000? 
3. Does the Water Quality Associations Gold Seal certification use the same standards as NSF? 
4. Can the prep sink or a wet bar serviced with the HFC-1000 high flow system and connected directly to its existing cold sink faucet? 
5. Should the Model SF-1000 standard flow system be installed in the kitchen sink without a separate dispensing tap? 
6. Which Alwaysfresh system is certified for the reduction of VOCs and MTBE? 
7. Who should register the customers purchase at www.alwaysfresh.com? 
8. How often should the HFC-1000 or the SF-1000 cartridge be changed? 
9. What are the benefits of the ACDP( automatic cartridge delivery program to the end customer? 
10. Is enrollment in the Automatic Cartridge Delivery Program (ACDP)required to take advantage of the Competitive Product Rebate (CPR)Program? 
11. Do all Alwaysfresh drinking water systems remove cysts? 
12. Which cartridge(s)model reduce Fluoride from the water? 
13. Can chlorinated by products (CBPs) be produced in city water supply from the addition of chlorine during the disinfection process? 
14. How much does Waterline charge to assist the dealer in reminding the customer that its time to replace their cartridge? 
15. Can the HFC-1000 or the SF-1000 be installed in the bathroom inline to the existing cold sink faucet? 
16. Does the WQA Gold seal program also include approval of sales literature? 
17. Will the Alwaysfresh replacement cartridge fit into the existing Everpure head assemblies you have sold in the past? 
18. Can an existing refrigerator with a built in filter be by passed and serviced by the Alwaysfresh system? 
19. What grade is passing for this exam? 
20. What do I receive for passing this exam? 

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